Sunday , December 10 , 2017

BizTalk server has had an exciting evolution from the version 2000 to version 2013 and Microsoft has constantly been improvising it based on enterprise IT needs and as per new IT trends. This includes packaging of many industry accelerators and adapters.

Since 2000, SJ Softech has worked with a various customers, large and small, across many different industries, to architect, develop, and deploy mission-critical business processes using Microsoft BizTalk Server. Whether you need BizTalk 2000 or BizTalk 2013 consulting, we are the team for you.

We can assist on-site or remotely with all you BizTalk integration needs. We take great pride in delivering fast, flexible and affordable service. We gurantee all our work and if you are not happy with our work, if don't charge you.


Why Choose Us ?

Full Development Life Cycle

We have comprehensive experience on the whole development lifecycle of BizTalk application which includes requirements, architecture, design, coding, administration, testing, and deployment. We take great pride is tell our customers that we never failed in any of our BizTalk application developments.

BizTalk Best Practices

BizTalk is a big beast. It is a central messaging hub and it touches many systems in an organization. If we do not use integration best practices, proven industry standard patterns to define the BizTalk interfaces required to connect different system in an organization, this big beast is going to come and haunt us back. We have expertise in implementing latest and hottest BizTalk techniques and industry best practices; design patterns, performance, large message handling, automated build & test and much more.

Proof of Concepts

Proof of Concepts are the best way to tke risk out of BizTalk project.  We can create proof of concept prototypes to prove that the proposed BizTalk integration works. We create th POC's in such a way that we can reuse them in actual implementation.

Remote Assistance

We can provide remote assistance with your BizTalk implementation in all capacities - architect, design, development, testing, deployments and support.

Flexible contracts

Whether you are looking for short term or long term, peace of mind over your budget or flexibility to rapidly change requirements and a project plan at short notice, we are ready to accommodate your needs and offer you the most suitable contract.


Ar SJ Softech, we use Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology for Dynamic CRM Implementations. MS Sure Step methodology includes project management discipline and field-tested best practices, plus user-friendly tools that can help you deploy, migrate, configure, and upgrade Microsoft Dynamics products. This approach caters to customers who would like to take advantage of our extensive sales force automation experience and leverage it to proactively drive their entire CRM implementation process.

First and foremost, we need to thoroughly understand the architecture of your business. We do this by asking questions.

Our initial job is to shadow, interview, and gather important information. By asking the right questions we can assist our customers in documenting their existing processes, improving upon those processes, and creating new processes to streamline and increase their productivity.

It is imperative that we understand the flow of data from beginning to end:

  • How is it acquired?
  • How does it enter the system?
  • What do you do with it once you have it?
  • How does it integrate with other systems?

We can't architect good solutions without understanding these critical factors.

If we are going to deliver on automation and truly add value, then a critical (and perhaps even the most critical) piece of the puzzle is to understand the data flow. Are you consistently importing data? Do you get leads from a single source or from multiple sources? Are prospects simply calling you and buying your products out of the blue? On the service side, where does it all begin?

It is important that we design a system that allows for a single point of entry with no duplication of data efforts. This non-redundant architecture is attained using a simplified field structure where less is more and user adoption is high. We create role-based dashboards that are easy to navigate and flow with that particular users role. To boost efficiency we design solutions from the bottom up that are focused on making the user happy. It is not about training people to use something that was designed without their input. They know more about what they do and how they do it and they are the ones who know what tools they need to make their lives easier. Our job is to ask the right questions, understand user frustrations as they relate to data management and automation, and then design practical and functional solutions.

We believe shadowing the users of the system is one of the most important tasks we perform. After the shadowing process we can then build something that will save users time and energy, while at the same time providing business management features with customized reporting capabilities for extreme workflow optimization. If the solution is designed and implemented properly, and the users are educated on how it works, then they will use it. If users take advantage of it and input all of their data, Microsoft CRM can run extensive metrics on that data, which in turn will make management happy.

At SJ Softech, we offer Application Outsourcing Services that are geared towards revolutionizing the clients’ application outsourcing portfolio.. Our approach is tuned towards ensuring greater operational superiority and strategic differentiation, thereby making our client’s business a lot more competitive. We are at the cutting edge of key technology paradigms such as cloud computing, Application Modernization and Agility, and are transforming our clients' IT environments to leverage these next-generation technologies, across their businesses.

Our Application Outsourcing Services portfolio includes:

Application Development – Helps you address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements .

Application Maintenance – Maximizes your existing IT applications through offshore maintenance and enhancement

Application Modernization – Helps modernize legacy systems to enhance flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption and lower costs

Packaged Application Services – Helps you automate your value chain through off-the-shelf application packages. We enable you to harvest value through innovative and configurable off-the-shelf package solutions

Solution Architecture Assessment – Offers a complete architectural analysis and assessment of your IT application, focusing on scalability, performance, interoperability, and usability

Solution Architecture Definition – Defines the enterprise technical reference models and solution architecture required to implement business solutions to meet business requirements, and ensures that the solutions are aligned with the enterprise architecture.

Testing and Validation Services – Helps clients across industry verticals build tomorrow's Quality Assurance (QA) enterprise through a combination of transformation models, offerings to address the changing technology landscape, framework for package-testing-led business transformation and new engagement models